About me

Sunny Willow is your go-to creative, branding and business website, with everything you need to create the online or home space of your dreams. Here you will find the best Wix business and blog templates, logos, graphics and so much more! I created Sunny Willow for creatives, small business owners, bloggers, and anyone else with big dreams for the future!

So, if you want creative, different, unique and professional Wix website templates, lovely logo designs, illustrations and clip arts, then you are on the right place!


Hi, I'm Iva


Even as a child, I loved to draw, design and make my own things from imagination. After graduating from the Academy of Arts, I wanted to realize my dream of my personal self-sustaining work, based on my creations from childhood.

But life does not always go as in our dreams. Back in 2016, I found out I had cancer. At first I was broken, but thanks to my family and friends, I decided that in addition to my life struggle, I would not give up on my dreams! Surrounded by good people, I found comfort and strength in my drawings and after a long 2 years I came out as a winner!

So, after my life's victory, I decided to go back to my childhood fantasies - create my own little kingdom and business! Exploring how I could best make my way into the world of the internet I stumbled upon the Wix platform and that’s where my new journey began. Absorbing various knowledge in the desire to create my own website, I started creating sites for others. And there started a new obsession… websites. My hard work, perseverance and dedication have helped me break into this world and gain the trust of my clients and new friends in some.

Over the years my dream has grown to be so much more. Sunny Willow was a life saver for me when life was hard (and sometimes it was really soo hard). This is not just a job for me, this is my dream, that's why I do it with love. We should always have big dreams and work on them, because until you try you will never know...

Maybe they will come true!




My Favorite Things 

1my dog



3the sea